Autumn Begins to Settle In

Autumn Begins to Settle In
Calm and Cold Autumn in Sweden
Welcome!! Swagat, Dumela, Valkommen, Jee Aayan Noo, Tashreef, Bula, Swasdee, Bienvenido, Tashi Delek. Thanks for joining me.....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pushp Ki Abhilasha!! A Flower’s Wish

There is a reason that school curriculum is supposed to be designed by those who love and know the culture of that country.  The following poem was part of our fourth grade Hindi textbook.  It must have an impact---for me to remember it even today.

Pushp Ki Abhilasha!! A Flower’s Wish 
By Makhanlal Chaturvedi

I do not wish to be part of the ornament of daughter of Gods,
I do not wish to lure sweet love by being a part of lover’s Garland for her,
I do not wish O God, to be offered to the bodies of the great Kings,
I do not wish to take pride by adorning the foreheads of Gods
Will you, O gardener !!—pluck me and throw me on the path
Where the bravemen of my nation tread to offer their heads to the motherland!!

NOTE:  Please click here to listen to a melodic rendition of the poem!!

When Parents and Their Children Travel Together

A common sight--the picture does not need any explanation.  It shows how parents and children ride the bike together around town.  Can you smell tranquility of the town? 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Those Strange Noises on Halloween Night!!

Guy Fawkes Masks:  Children on Halloween-2014

NOTE:  The following entry was started last year.  But as you can see I have not been regular with my blog.  I do want to update a few drafts before the year is over. I hope that I continue with this blog.  But, have been away from words.  Other posts that have gone up recently were all written at least 10 months ago.


About two minutes ago, I heard noises outside my house, really strange noises, laughing, cackling and then someone shook the wind chimes hanging really hard, rang the bell and ran away.  Sweden is the safest place I have ever lived, but since I have had strange experiences before, I ran to my kitchen screaming, who is it, who is it?

I opened my kitchen window, since it was dark and I could not see who was knocking at the door.  

Are you Indian?


Do you celebrate Halloween?

No, but I lived in the US---

Oh, Ok, give us candy.  I was prepared, so that was no issue.  Ok, but take off your masks first, it scares me. 

They all obliged me.  

I came out, there were laughters and clapping.  Four young boys, I think of Kurdish or Irani descent--fluent in Swedish--were smiling like children do --at the prospects of getting candies.


The same happened this year. I was prepared. But they came late this time. I had already retired for the day as I have been on sick leave.  They kept knocking.  The same conversation as last year---'take off your masks'

They did, but this time they said, 'give us money too'

No, no money, but I bought two bags of candy...anyone??

They spread their hands and bags. They were the same boys, some of them wearing the same masks.  One of them had forgotten his bag, and since I could not drop many candies in his hands, he took off his knitted gap and opened it up.  

I was so tired---but by the time they left, I felt a sense of lightness within me.  A joy ,a smile came over my heart. 

I was spooked for sure, but with much sweetness and silliness of under 13 year olds!!